NASA to hire data scientist with blockchain and cryptocurrency skills

According to a job advertisement posted three days ago, NASA is looking for a candidate with a wide range of skills, but notes that “experience with cryptocurrency and blockchain is considered a plus.” 根据三天前发布的招聘广告, 美国宇航局(NASA) 正在招聘具有区块链和密码技术的数据科学家。NASA正在寻找一位具有广泛技能的候选人,但他指出,“密码货币和区块链方面的经验是优先考虑的。”

Responsibilities will include conceptualizing and developing innovative applications for cross-cutting areas including robotics, AI, cloud computing, and next-generation flight hardware. 该职位的职责包括概念化和开发跨领域的创新应用,包括机器人、人工智能、云计算和下一代飞行硬件。

The chosen individual will join NASA’s team of data scientists and other experts that make up Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Innovation Experience Center (IEC) in California. 被选中的人将加入美国宇航局的数据科学家团队和其他专家组成位于加利福尼亚州的喷气推进实验室的创新经验中心(IEC)。

This isn’t the first time NASA makes blockchain-related headlines. Back in January, Hard Fork reported the agency was exploring potential use-cases for blockchain tech in hopes of safeguarding the privacy and security of aircraft flight data. 这不是NASA第一次与区块链相关的头条新闻。早在一月份, Hard Fork 就报道说,该机构正在探索区块链技术的潜在用例,以保护飞机飞行数据的隐私和安全。

A research paper published at the time studied the potential viability of a blockchain network with smart contract functionality to overcome security issues. 当时发表的一篇研究论文研究了具有智能契约功能的区块链网络克服安全问题的潜在可行性。

In April 2018, NASA announced a new grant to support the development of an autonomous spacecraft, which could make decisions using blockchain technology and without the need for human intervention. 2018年4月,美国宇航局宣布了一项新的拨款,用于支持自主航天器的开发,该航天器可以利用区块链技术做出自动决策,而不需要人为干预。